Our Team.

Our combined years of experience in collegiate and professional athletic training assures that you have an environment to focus and meet your personal goals.

Autumn Cleveland

Autumn Cleveland

  • Nationally qualified NPC Figure Competitor with over 12 years in the fitness industry
  • Received a BS Degree in Exercise Science from U of L
  • CEO of On-The-Grind Training Competition prep coach for over 3 years
  • Have provided training and nutritional programs for over 5 years
  • Featured in various fitness sites, magazines and calendars
  • Passion is to teach others the power of a positive mindset to reach their goals mentally and physically in all areas
Brian Brooks

Brian Brooks

  • Been in fitness industry over 15 years with specializing in Athletic Training
  • Studied exercise science / nutrition at U of L
  • Played football at Division 1 and NFL Level
  • Finished ranked #1 at NFL free agent showcase—both 2009 & 2010
  • Trained under several NFL strength coaches along with several of the best performance coaches in the country
  • Over 30 clients received athletic scholarships over past 4 years
  • Featured multiple times in one the biggest bodybuilding magazines—Muscle / Mag International
  • Paid consultant and contributor to MuscleMag.com
  • Two previous training partners at IFBB Pros
Donna Williams

Donna Williams

  • Personal trainer since 2005
  • Certified with AFAA
  • Paramedic / Firefighter (retired 2011)
  • EMT—PNR 9315
  • Pro Powerlifter—IPL, USPA, SPA
  • 2011 Womens’ State Bench Record
  • 2013 Sub masters (age 39) American and World record holder in IPL and SPF
  • 2013 PRO Powerlifter
  • 2014 IPL World Record Holder
  • Women’s Powerlifting Raw
  • 2015 All-time historic world record holder—Women’s powerlifting 165 lb class
  • 2015 lifts: Squat—450 lbs./ bench– 285 lbs. / 450 lbs.–156
  • 7.59 x bodyweight—1185 lbs. total
  • National Level Women’s Bodybuilding Competitor
Greg Claycomb

Greg Claycomb

  • Owner of Edge Body Boot Camp
  • Edge Nutrition Representative
  • ISSA Certified
  • 2nd Place 2014 Kentucky Muscle Novice Men’s Physique
  • Specializes in:
    • Group Fitness Class & Small Group Training
    • Personal Training
    • Weight Loss Work Out Plans
    • Muscle Building Work Out Plans
    • Meal Plans and Meal Prepping Services
    • Nutrition Seminars
    • Sports Conditioning
    • Kids Fitness Boot Camps
    • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Jennifer Wax

Jennifer Wax

  • Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology, University of Louisville
  • Certified Personal Trainer—15 years experience with orthopedic issues, progressive neurological diseases, cardiac rehab and general fitness / athletes
  • Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy (summa cum laude), Spalding University
  • Licensed Occupational Therapist, practicing 7 years in orthopedic issues, hand therapy and back pain
  • Nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor
Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

  • Has trained with IFBB and NFL Professional Athletes
  • Qualified to work with special needs clients and all body types, ages and fitness levels
  • Is ACE Certified
  • Has a BA in Human Health & Performance with concentration in Exercise Science from U of L
  • Also a Licensed Massage Therapist offering the following modalities and massages: Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hydrotherapy, Cryotherapy, Aromatherapy and Magnet Therapy
Steve Weingarten

Steve Weingarten

  • Most successful and in-demand contest-prep coach in area
  • Numerous Overall & First Place winners in all physique sports
  • Works with highly motivated non-competitive clients—many of whom have lost 100+ lbs.
  • Earned the prestigious Certified Personal Designation from National Strength & Conditioning Association in 2000
  • Contributing author to book Maximize Your Training (published in 1998)
  • Featured in Top Trainers Answer Your Fitness & Nutrition Questions (released in February 2012)
William Washburn

William Washburn

  • CEO of Wolfpack Fitness, athlete, NPC competitor and Personal Trainer
  • Background in boxing (7 yrs), High School (2 yrs) and 1 yr college wrestling
  • 20 + years of training and 17 yrs of personal training
  • I train people of walks of life— men, women, children of all ages—with or without an athletic background
  • I teach discipline and push clients to reach their goals in a positive manner
  • I do personalized meal preps, check body composition,etc. (for competitors and/or daily clients)


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